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Welcome to all about wine! We are want to introduce you to the world of wine in a smart and easy way, by offering the most valuable information about the various types of wines, wine grapes and wine cultivation.  

Wine the alcoholic beverage made by fermenting the grapes is famous in all corners of the world. But only a few know all the things that are necessary for wine. The commonly known things are that wines can be classified into red and white wines. Red wines are prepared from by soaking the grapes along with the skin and the white wines are made by removing the skin of the grapes after fermentation.


Red Wine


Red wines are color wines. Red wines are made from the red grape varieties. These wines get their color by allowing the skin of the grapes to get contact with the grape juice during the wine making process.

White wines


White wines are generally colorless and they are made from the white grape varieties. Some of the white wines can be made from the red grapes. In such a case the skin of the grapes is not allowed to have any contact with the grape juice.

Rose wines


Rose wines are also called as Blush wines. Rose wines are not true not truly red, instead they have enough of reddish tinge to make them differentiate from the white wines. Rose wines are prepared from the red grape varieties.

Sparkling Wines


Sparkling wines have a small amount of intense effervescences. Champagne is the most famous sparkling wine in many regions in the world.

Dessert Wines


Dessert wines are prepared from the residual sugar that is left in the finished wine. This gives the wine a very sweet taste. Dessert wines vary from off-dry to super, sticky sweet wines. The dessert wines are considered to be the sweetest wines.

Fortified Wines


Fortified wines are those that are produced with a small addition of the grape spirit. Fortified wines generally include the dry and sweet styles.


Wine Bottles


In general all the wine bottles are made of glass. Wine bottles are designed taking extra care since some wines are fermented in the bottle while others are bottled only after the fermentation.

Wine Glasses


Wine glass es are specially designed ones for drinking and tasting wines. It is a type of glass stemware. It is essential to select the right type of wine glass for different types of wines.

Wine Accessories


There are a number of different wine accessories, which are important to perfect the wine indulgence and reveal its out most color, taste and overall experience.


Wine Storage


The quality of wine can be affected if it is not stored properly. As time goes the wine changes its color, aroma becomes stronger and then flavor acquires its own character.

Wine Selection


Wines are available in different flavors, colors, levels of dryness and in different mixture. They are used for cooking and to improve the flavor of meal or certain dish. Sparkling wines are used in celebratory events.

Wine Serving Temperature


An old proverb says that white wine should be served chilled and red wines at room temperature. This might make sense but it should not be necessarily true.

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五湖四海娱乐网 模型

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五湖四海娱乐网 模型

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